Tickets that matter

Latest Ticket with Veeam on finding out why my job merges where taking so long.

We discussed the I/O penalty for synthetic operations. Below is our KB on using Dskspd to simulate our operations on the storage. The KB goes over downloading it and the arguments when running the test:

Transforms, merges, and other synthetic operations section has the arguments for 50% read and 50% write.

I have attached a screenshot of what my little work station puts out and a link to an I/O calculator of the performance you should see.

By scheduling weekly active fulls, the job will never needs to merge files saving the I/O hit of all the random reads and writes. This should greatly increase your processing rate at the cost of more storage space needed for the backup chain. Here is our handy restore point simulator to help in judging how much storage space you will need. There is always the option to move to a faster storage solution as well to speed up the merge operations.

It was a pleasure working with you. I will inform the case owner that the case can be closed at this time. Have a great rest of the week!

Veeam Support