Meraki fan – MR33 AP Setup

The company I work for has been sun-setting some old tech Wifi technology recently and has embraced the robust, single-pane-of-glass administration portal available in Meraki solutions.

While I cannot disclose details about the devices and configuration of the enterprise level products we are choosing, I want to point out that you can get your hands on some promotional devices that are all cloud controlled and configured the same way the enterprise stuff is…..

Easy as:

1.Buy device
2.Get order number
3.Go to dashboard
4.Device goes to cloud and pulls config.

It’s almost scary to see how easy the setup is. Back in the day, it required lots of time , tweaks, trial and error to get WiFi networks working properly. “We used to have to walk to school in the snow with no shoes!”

Oh well, sometimes things like connectivity should be this easy now-a-day. It gives you more time for learning and making other things happen. Cisco Meraki has a nice On-Demand Webinar portal that you can learn a ton on and at the end of the day and training , you can try out their stuff! I’m a fan.

MR33 switch promotional device after taking the Cisco Meraki On-Demand Webinar in pictures

Basically unbox your device & plug it in.
head to your meraki portal dashboard and claim via the order number for preset-up in the cloud.
Register and claim via number
Config comes down after setup~ takes a little bit.
Up and running for you to customize

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