Developer Lab setup with Veeam’s new “Backup & Replication community edition”

I needed a way to create a lab ESXI environment for a Developer to put a copy of his server on the same subnet and frequently back it up. For the books this is definately a non-production learning & testing environment.

Solution = Veeam’s new backup & replication “community edition” = Free and works fine for up to 10 vms!

I spun up a windows 7 VM and added a secondary disk to itself on the ESXI 6.5 server and chose to use no VCSA server because this Host is limited to 64GB memory (besides, why add more bottlenecks to a test environment?)
When configuring the Veeam Server, I made the backups dump to the secondary local disk so it should rip pretty fast through backups quickly as long as we remember to only keep a couple of days of backps on there.

One hiccup though. ESXI server was a standalone Free license and Veeam didn’t like that.

Error message = Current vSphere license or ESXi version prohibits execution of the requested operation.

It turns out in order to get it to work it needs to be fully licensed –> “All the API is a paid feature”

Sooo, the Next steps were removing host from backup infrastructure in Veeam, re-licensing the target ESXI host with a “paid” license of ESXI.
I re-added the ESXI host, reconfigured the backup job and everything worked as planned.

Some screenshots of the action:

And now it works —> Guess you have to pay to play!