Dell PowerEdge R320 Re-purpose for ESXI 6.7 (not quite..6.5)

Old (2013) PowerEdge server was not updating firmware through IDRAC \ LifeCycle Controller. Needed to list out my steps of what worked. The document shows the following:

Popping off the cover of the server, tech specs, compatibility; wiping the drives, having difficulty getting firmware update,Directions on troubleshooting from my pad & what steps actually worked…. From there it goes on to show ESXI install after Raid Setup with 3 disks for the datastore drive (raid 5) , one disk for the OS . It then shows that I downloaded the 6.7 ISo and made a bootable thumbdrive with Rufus, installed the ESXi basics and then P2V’d a known good Veeam Server from another host so that I have a backup VM to restore backups to the environment.

Checksum of the document below