Veeam 9.5 Backups issue

Veeam Backup .vib’s growing and misbehaving. Backup Jobs were standard forward incremental with occasional Full Backups and a Retention policy of 14 days. Retention policy not working out.

Long story short this was part of the fix:
Fix was on

….”Disable Synthetic Full and Active Full option forcing the job to run in Forward Incremental Forever mode, then set retention to less than the number of restore points that are presently filling the storage.”

…..Of course after I saw that it worked in the photos below, I edited the job and watched it to make sure the retention policy didn’t sketch out on me again. Appears to be fine. I will leave it as a forward incremental backup and watch the space.

Log shows retention rule not working
changed job retention
simple setback kicked retention rule into play like a breaker reset

Finally, this is a snapshot of where retention rule was brought back to 14 and shows the standard settings change for a forever incremental . Will watch it from here but so far so good..