Offsite Backup Ideas

Meeting Notes drafted detailing idea for secondary internet line at one facility and the costs associated. We will pow-wow on this:

I reached out to Cox to find out about Secondary Internet Line for Newington. Looks like 300×30 Up plan will work via standard cable. That way, as we discussed, we will not be signing up for lighting up some dark strands into the building because if something goes wrong with the main AT&T Fiber, chances are the other Pairs\Service will be effected as well.
I’m getting other quotes for standard Cable from other providers as well but it is probably going to be similar.

Can we get together and talk in more detail about:

  • 3 year term for 300×30 speeds for Cox Business Cable for redundancy in Newington.
  • Discuss who will look into cost to increase AT&T Fiber, if we even need to.
  • Discuss what services would we throw down the secondary line if we did choose it.

Current Off-site Backup Situation:

Right now all of our network backups fill up about a 5 TB external drive that we are having trouble getting off-site to the safety deposit box at the bank. I’m looking into different backup jobs and plan on getting a monthly backup to 1 TB\Month. The Cable line could be fine for pushing that monthly backup offsite (speeds attached in spreadsheet) but we would have to decide on the service to capture it (S3 servers, Glacier, Azure) and the costs associated with archiving it . (i.e. attachment below). I’m leaning toward Amazon Glacier utilizing AWS storage Gateway appliance in VMware which the Veeam Server can just point at like another job.

The problem may be the initial push of the data (Initial Full Backup) but we may be able to use Amazon Snowball device to seed job. I still have to talk to AWS about that but here is the idea:


We put in the secondary line , seed an initial offsite job to New Hampshire facility, and then run the monthly offsite.


Example of pushing 1 TB/Month via Veeam Job to AWS Storage Gateway Appliance