VMware my early years… (2011 – 2015)

I dipped my feet into VMware around 2010 by playing with a standalone ESXI host where I practiced P2V of workstations.

After getting the hang of the idea I had to make the case for purchasing some more workstations and VMware Essentials to get hands on experience with Backup/Replication utilizing Veeam. I was able to lobby for the VMware Essentials licensing because we had a workstation (standalone) that ran planogram software for a major customer . This outdated workstation that it was running on was having hardware issues and it was clear we had to upgrade it. The software alone on a newer platform was going to cost us $35K for a scratch rebuild. So I ran some numbers and offered to P2V it into my ESXI 2 host test environment saving us the cost with a click of the mouse. I believe this opened the door for the phases that followed below.

Below are various print screens of powerpoint presentations that I used to sell the importance of the different phases that we had to go through to executives and other members of our IT Team:

2010-11 Two Workstations and Proof of concept——>


3 Hosts on Essentials… Moving forward…

Next steps coming up in next blog when I get around to my notes!