Replacement Meraki’s Saturday in NH.


Issue: 2 stacks of Meraki MS210-48LP needed replacement at our New Hampshire location due to a fan issue on the brand new models. Meraki contacted us and we finally got around to heading up to replace.

First steps were hooking up the replacements DHCP so they could be registered by product number to our portal.

Next we head into the inventory of the environment site and had to choose with units to clone . Went easy and any of the VLAN’s going to the cloud controller portal.

scissor lift to the whse pole and the first two stacks went in fine just had to arm-wrestle cables. Portal showed the old stacks not online and we had to wait for errors to clear up.

Front office, Vlan ports all over the place so we had them pre-labeled. Shelf had to be replaced as well as the switches were hanging off it. Unplugged, pulled down the stack below:


Removal of switches and shelf

Put up new shelf, carefully re-patched, brought online–>–>

Not pretty wiring, but that is the next project… Need to punch them all down into a panel and trace to workstations etc.

After that we found that there were DNS Errors on certain workstations; The firmware was updated on all of the units and they actually went through different cycles of rebooting on their own. Errors went away on the portal but workstations still were not able to resolve DNS.

Long story short, when the Network fires were disconnected, we found out that the secondary ASA took over and was possibly serving out DHCP for IPV6. We found the workstations with issues had IPV6 enabled and were trying to resolve that way.

The two ASA’s configurations must be different and we need to look into that, however after all workstations with issues released & renewed IP after unchecking IPV6 on the adapters everything was fine.